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My essential picks for the new born phase and c-section recovery

Bringing our beautiful daughter into the world was an incredible journey, one that ended with a C-section. During this time, I discovered a set of invaluable items that made life as a new mom and my C-section recovery so much more manageable. I'd love to share these must-have items with you, in the hopes that they'll make your life with a newborn just a little bit easier.

Top 10 General & Baby Items:

1. Breastfeeding Cart (with organizers): This trusty cart became my mobile breastfeeding station, carrying essentials like burp cloths, baby wipes, and most importantly a stash of snacks for me. You are going to want the hooks to manage pumping cords & handing clothes.

2. Rocking Chair (function over form here): Forget the glitzy nursery chair; I found solace in a functional rocking chair where countless hours of feeding and comforting happened. I had initially wanted one with power recline, heating, and massaging but this one worked just fine. I was able to put the foot rest down with no problem post cesarian.

3. Pack of Pacifiers: All babies are different, and we struggled to find the right pacifier for our little bean. We found this multipack a little too late in our game BUT it still helped us find the right one.

4. Boppy/Nursing Pillow: It's not just for nursing – it's a multipurpose support system for baby, mom, a year in and we are still using ours for snuggles.

5. Bassinet: My daughter's cozy sleeping spot, conveniently tucked beside our bed. Proximity was key for nighttime feedings. We had this type but I am considering upgrading to a snoo or even one that is at bed level or can raise up a bit higher.

6. Bottle Dryer Rack: If you're using bottles, this contraption is a sanity-saver, efficiently drying and organizing those little vessels. I like this one and partnered it with this as a nipple and parts organizer (just line with paper towels and change regularly)

7. Sterilizer: Keeping pumping gear clean is a top priority, and a sterilizer makes the process quick and hassle-free. We have this one and it works fine enough, but I am going to move to one with a dryer in it like this or get real bougie and using a countertop dishwasher. It will only be for pumping parts and bottle parts. This was probably my number one struggle during the first couple of months - cleaning pump parts. It felt so isolating and caused so much resentment.

8. Breast Pump: For increasing your supply in the beginning, a good-quality breast pump is an absolute essential. I couldn't have managed without it.

9. Breast Massagers: These little wonders helped distract the excruciating pain when first getting my mommy nipples built up. —a must-try for nursing moms.

10. Handheld Lights: I initially got these for our dark hallway (they have a sensor setting) to look cute while offering light in the dark. This gentle warm light adds a soothing ambiance to nighttime diaper changes and feedings. No harsh, jarring lights to wake us up completely!

Personal Products/C-Section Recovery:

1. Compression Socks: These socks were a game-changer for my post-C-section recovery,

reducing swelling and discomfort. The postpartum swelling was insane (I was highly concerned and my husband still makes fun of me about it to this day)

2. Foam Block for Raising Legs: Elevating my legs with a foam block was a relief for any swelling and soreness after surgery.

3. Eye Cover for Anytime Napping: When I could catch a few precious moments of rest, an eye cover helped create the darkness I needed to sleep soundly.

4. Cool/Lightweight Pajamas: Postpartum hormones are no joke, breathable pajamas are a must, especially in those early days when night sweats are a reality. Bonus if they button down for easy access to the milk makers.

5. Water Cup: Staying hydrated is crucial during recovery, and having a dedicated, spill-proof cup made it easy to drink while tending to a newborn. Just find the right cup for you preferably before labor - you are going to want it.

6. Nipple Silverettes: These silver cups provide soothing relief and protection for sore nipples during breastfeeding.

7. These disposable underwear: The ones the hospital sends you home in are garbage! Believe me when I say you are going to want to upgrade to these, they were so comfortable and helped me feel secure. I am not normally a boy short girlie - but I 10/10 going with the boy shorts for these, you don't need anything riding up during this time. I originally purchased this whole kit, but because I did a cesarian I didn't need any of it except the underwear. (I will also be packing these in my next hospital bag)

8. Cooling Neck Wrap: I use this on and off all year when I get hot but I used it ALL THE TIME POSTPARTUM, why are we so HOT after having a baby?

9. Foot Files: Ok OK Ok, we aren't really specifically focusing on recovery here but my feet had some major calcuses in places I normally don't have postpartum. It was weird, I acknowledge it. I took care of the issue with these.

Every mom's journey is unique, I hope my experience can help you navigate the early days of motherhood with a bit more ease and comfort. These items made all the difference for me during my C-section recovery and as a new mom to my precious little one. Here's to embracing the beautiful chaos of parenthood!

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission through affiliate links in our posts, and AI tools assist in content creation. Rest assured, our recommendations are based on genuine belief in the value they offer. Thank you for your support in helping us provide quality content.

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